The Talent Nurturing Ambition of Evangelos Marinakis

Evangelos Marinakis was born and brought up in a family of six; three brothers and sisters. He is the second born. Marinakis had a complicated background because he did not come from a well-off family. He remembers in his early years of schooling when he could go to school without breakfast. The little they got, he left it for his siblings.

However, he was a talented footballer, and he loved it too. This gift changed his life. When his father was unable to pay his school fees after elementary school, Marinakis received a scholarship at Chester Hill School in South Wales. The talent gave him the award.

He was the best soccer player in high school and later on became the captain. While in school, he enrolled in central District Bulldog football club where he did most of the training after school. Nevertheless, he did not drop his ambition of becoming a doctor.

The turn of events made him develop a passion for nurturing talents in children and young people. Besides his busy schedule as a doctor and entrepreneur, he takes his time to manage skills. One of his initiatives as a person who has invested in sports was to expand Olympiacos football Academy in Greece.

Every year, Evangelos sponsors tournaments to celebrate talent. He attributes sports to discipline, resilience, hard work, and breakthrough. He is currently putting up a talent academy in South Australia where children and youths of all walks of life will have an opportunity to scale up their gifts.

The academy will not drop kids out of school but will run concurrently. The high-end coaches including Thiery Henry from France, Jay Okocha From Nigeria, Tiger Woods (Golf Champion) will take the wheel of mentorship and patrons.  These great personalities will provide great inspiration to the academy.

In Nottingham Forest, Evangelos has set up a foundation, Evangelos Foundation, that will sponsor the less fortunate with talent to attend school. The primary source capital for the foundation from his shipping business. It occurs that everything he touches turns to gold.

The great leaders of the nation have paid a visit to the foundation and pledged support. It is a noble course to see any talent tapped and put into productive use. So far, more than 2,000 students have gone through the system. Most of them have come back to support the program. Some are even on the board of management.

Evangelos has also established a work program for students who go to college. They get jobs off class at the foundation. Every year he subscribes at least 150 on the payroll. This is a boost to all the students and parents. The students he enrolls on the program are equally talented, and they share their talent with the academy. So, they work as they add experience to their ability. It is surprising that those who have been on the work program have come back to be part of the foundation’s family.

In the modern world, talent pays. Football pays, athletics pay, and any other talent even out of sports pays. You have to identify and expose it,” he says. There are cases, where parents overemphasize in academics and forget that the children have something more in them to supplement school work.

He pays a lot of honor to his father every time he makes a speech. The opportunity and the free will he gave him to pursue beyond classwork has put him to the face of fortune. Marinakis never sits on ideas regarding talent development regardless of challenges that set them back.


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